From grade 5 to grade 10, I was in the same class as Razvan.  Things were different in Romania.  We had the same 30 something classmates the whole time and the classroom belonged to us instead of the teacher’s, who would come to us.  I think that actually helped prevent the serious bulling that happens in North America. We were always together and got to know each other really well and care for each other. Of course, we weren’t always nice, but never like the way I saw a girl bullied here in Canada. I am sure there are lots of other factors involved that could have affected our behaviour towards each other.  I did go to a more “elitist” school in Romania than the local high school I went to in Canada, so maybe that was a bigger factor than the fact that I knew everyone so well, but still I never head of any stories from any other schools either.

Razvan had a lion once.  A real baby lion from the zoo.  I’m not sure how his family got to care for it, but it was orphaned, so the zoo gave it to them to take care while it was young.  Razvan came to school full of scratches for a while. Everyone in our class went to see it.  I never did.  I don’t remember why I couldn’t make it.  I did see it on TV though.  I saw it on the evening news being bottle fed by Razvan’s sister.  The baby lion didn’t make it though.  It died before it got to go back to the zoo. I could have seen it then, but I was afraid. As a child I had the biggest fear of dead things and unfortunately my aunts kept dying all around me and giving me nightmares.  Even though I refused to go to funerals after my first one, the dead aunts still came to my dreams.


Razvan – 9″x12″ Pencils


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