Michelle is the only person who actually asked me to draw her.  She’s really nice, she likes my art, so I like her back.  It always scares me to draw someone on request.  Somehow I feel really bad if it doesn’t come out well.  If it’s a bad one and the person didn’t ask for it, then I think they don’t care either way, but I have a feeling that someone who asks for one, expects something somewhat flattering.  I could be wrong.  I wonder if the reaction someone gets at seeing their drawn face, is the same as hearing your own recorded voice for the first time.

I love the huge hand in this picture.  That’s probably my favourite part about it and I’m glad it came out well.  I got the hair right, Michelle has crazy hair, but it’s hard to tell it’s her.  I picked this pose because of the hands, but I got screwed at the blowing lips.


Michelle – 9″x12″ Pencils

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