I put on puppet shows at daycare centres and preschools. I mostly make my own puppets, but I do have some store bought ones. Here are some of the latest I’ve made.

Felt Puppets: rabbit, penguin, bear, giraffe, walrus, bird, by Franci

Felt Puppets: rabbit, penguin, bear, giraffe, walrus, bird


A Cat Puppet

We celebrated my son’s birthday this past week-end and we put on a puppet show and we gave all the kids a puppet to take home. Here are some of the puppets we made.

Felt Puppets by Franci

Felt Puppets

Handmade Cat Felt Puppet by Franci

Cat Felt Puppet

Puppet Theatre Completed

I finished this a month ago, in time for my son’s second birthday. Lesson learned: do not do a fairy tale for kids under 5. It will bore them, but other than that, our friends love our theatre.

IMG_2776 IMG_2773 IMG_2770 IMG_2771 IMG_2769 IMG_2768 IMG_2767

The New Theatre

I’ve go blisters on my hands and my back is sore from putting this thing together, but now I can’t wait to paint this and even use my oil paints again.  I should really have read the instructions before putting hinges in, I’m not a man!  I failed to read the instructions that said to drill a hole before screwing, and I swore and broke my hands and kicked and almost gave up.  Everything went so much smoother after I bothered to read the directions. Lesson learned. Hopefully.

Puppet Show Theatre

Puppet Show Theatre