Last year I painted my son’s teacher and this year I decided to do it again.

Christina 9″ x 12″ Watercolor


I really dragged my feet making this painting. I found that I don’t enjoy painting myself that much. It’s a very weird feeling to see myself staring back at me.


Self-portrait 11″ x 14″ watercolor on canvas

With this painting I have finished the small series of family portraits that I had in mind. The whole idea behind it was to hide part of the face (to maybe make the viewer more curious) and make use of the hands as well. There’s nothing deeper than that that’s going on.

Family Portraits


I made a painting inspired by Magritte’s Son of Man. I painted on canvas one more time even though I am not enjoying the process much. I have one more canvas painting left to do to finish my little family portraits project and then I’ll never do watercolor on canvas again.

IMG_0018 (1)

Jacob 11″ x 14″ Watercolor on canvas


For this painting, because I wanted to do a really good job, I bought some Grumbacher paints – 12 x 7.5ml tubes for $60 (Canadian). I should have just restocked my Winsor and Newton because the new paints proved to be very grainy, hard to mix and when trying to layer the paints, they just washed away. It was annoying to work with. I still have a lot to learn.  This painting is going to travel to Spain and that’s exciting.


Cassandra 9″ x 12″ Watercolor


This painting gave me trouble. The light is coming slightly from the back and to the side, so the face is supposed to be mostly in shadow, but I chickened out and didn’t do the shadow part as dark as it should have been. There are quite a few layers of paint on the face as I tried to darken it step by step, but I finally had to stop myself before I made it too much of a mess. With watercolor, if I don’t get it right in the first step, I find it hard to fix without making it look muddy.


Morgan 9″ x 12″ Watercolor



Learning Korean I made a lot of Korean friends. This little guy is the cutest one.
I took pictures of my work in progress… I don’t always work in the same order.


Jayden 9″ x 12″ Watercolor

IMG_20180408_192401973 IMG_20180409_193031660 IMG_20180409_194910885 IMG_20180409_200900290 IMG_20180409_201847985


I think I made her smirk bigger than it is in real life, but what I really wanted to try painting was her jacket and the fake fur lining. I also loved her red hair, but I didn’t want to go into too much detail with it. She has very fine baby hair, so I wanted to barely render it.


Ilona 9″ x 12″ Watercolor



This is the man in my life, the kind and loving man that I am very lucky to have met. I picked to paint this because I wanted to play with the light coming from behind. I usually like painting when the light comes from a side because the features are outlined better and are easier to see. In this case his whole face was in the shadow and I liked the challenge.


Jacob 9″ x 12″ Watercolor

Baby Darth Vader

We have a Darth Vader Halloween mask around the house. My baby loves to wear it and roar. It’s really funny and cute (to his parents only probably). I decided to paint it for a humorous painting and to add a fun Star Wars themed background too. I hope it makes you chuckle, if not ask “what in the world is that?”


Baby Darth Vader 11″ x 15″ Watercolor

A Cup of Milk

I painted with watercolor on canvas again. It’s still frustrating, yet I want to try again. I think I can do better. It’s annoying because while the paint does get absorbed, it lacks the flow of watercolors. The paints move like acrylics, but are transparent.


A Cup of Milk 11″ x 14″ Watercolor