29 portraits in 29 days! Tomorrow I will draw my last one and I will win the challenge.

Amy is also in the book club.  Once, she hosted a meeting and nobody made it.  A bunch of girls canceled ahead, but there were still some who didn’t go and didn’t say anything. That was a first meeting for me that I couldn’t make.  Amy forgave us, she’s that nice. Actually one of my fears is that nobody will come to my party and it doesn’t go away till the first guest arrives and I can relax.  It happened to Amy. She sent us an e-mail afterwards telling us she was upset and the unbelievable part was that she apologized later for sending the previous e-mail.  Honestly she had the right to be mad, not upset.  She spent a whole day cleaning, planning, preparing and nobody showed up. She should have been furious.  She’s too good.

I realize now that I didn’t finish shading her hand… I was too focused on her face, where I think I made it a bit too crooked.  She does have a crooked smile in the photo I used for reference, but I think I might have exaggerated it too much.


Amy – 9″ x 12″ Pencils

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