Hugo Reading

While painting this Hugo said to me: “I love this painting even though it’s unfinished, but mom when you use watercolor you should use more color and less water. Can I help you?”

I painted this on a new paper that is not very absorbent, so the paint just kept on floating on the paper for a long time. That was a bit of a challenge. It almost felt like I was dealing with acrylics rather than watercolors.


Hugo Reading 11″ x 15″ Watercolor


This is my cousin. He came over and he had a cool beard on that I wanted to try painting, so here it is.


Sebi 9″x12″ Watercolor


This is my first painting of 2018. I hope there will be many more to come and that I won’t get comfortable and lazy. Who knows? I have made no resolutions for this year.

I bought new watercolors online from Japan and used them for this painting. They feel like they’re something between watercolors and acrylics. I really like them and they were quite cheaper than the good quality watercolors I can buy in Canada.


Nabilah 9″x12″ Watercolor