Summer was nice.  Just came back from Oregon.  Things I’ve learned during the trip: do not travel with a toddler and when it rains, Oregon beaches are just like British Columbia beaches — one wonders why the bother, we could have stayed at home.  We were all so depressed after a rainy day spent listening to a bored child whine that  when I saw a corner store I said “Stop the car! We’re making a fire on the beach!”  My “husband” (we’re not really married, but I’ll call him that since he’s the father or my child) said “Suit yourself”. I walked into the store. “What do I need to make a fire?” I asked the clerk. He looked at me funny. “Outside?” he asked as his eyes traveled to the window were rain drops were sliding happily down. “Yep” I said. “See that stack of newspapers?” he said “They’re free. Normally you’d only need one. I suggest you take a stack.” He sold me some dry wood and a lighter and before I left the store he gave me a fire-starter. “If nothing else, the paper and this will burn” he said. The rain stopped for the most part by the time we got to the beach and we did manage to get a very nice fire that cheered us all up.  Too bad I didn’t think of buying something to cook on that fire.  If you look at our pictures, we had a fantastic time, but really, there was nothing relaxing about this vacation.