Paintings For Sale

Today I took 5 paintings to Little Earth store on Commercial Drive.  It’s for the first time I’m selling art, so there’s some excitement at the prospect, but some sadness too.  I put a piece of me in everything I do and it’s not easy to let go.  I’ve given art to people I know in the past, and it’s different. These paintings will go to strangers and I hope they find a good home.

I asked Lara, the one of store’s owners, to tell me which 5 paintings they’d like to try selling first and the funny thing is, 3 of the ones she picked I couldn’t deliver, so I set up to painting them again and I’m quite bad at reproducing my own art work. I cannot do the same thing twice. Here’s a picture of the paintings currently at the store:

nursery art for sale

Some changes that I need to make for the next batch: I need to buy better fitting clear bags, these are to big, so I folded and tapped them at the back, and I need to make my next paintings on a more standard size paper. Two of those above are 9×12 and the rest are 9.5×12.5, which is a very weird size. Lara also said to label them with “made in Vancouver”.

Will I be able to live off of this? Not at all, I’d have to sell about 50 paintings a month, which I don’t see happening.