Day 27

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s progress… I’m moving slow on this image. I would have thought to have been on the fourth one by now. I guess I’m starting that one next week if I don’t spend too much time watching gymnasts, runners and swimmers at the Olympics. sketch


Day 24

Don’t know why I’m counting anymore.  This isn’t really a “challenge” for me now, I feel I’m quite determined to finish this project and I’ll most likely keep working on this beyond the 30 days.  I needed the “challenge” part at the beginning when I found it hard to get going, but now I’m quite warmed up.  I need something harder for next month.  Maybe I’ll go running 4 miles a day for 30 days. I’m going to a wedding in September and I’m afraid to try any of my old dresses on.

I don’t exactly have a good record when it comes to weddings. I’ve been to four so far and two ended up in divorce. I’m sure it’s not me, it’s them.

I’m probably one of the very few girls anyone will ever hear saying this, but I really don’t get the wedding thing.  I’d take the money, elope to Hawaii or Las Vegas and then go on a trip around the world.  Let’s not talk about tradition, because most of what’s in a modern wedding is not traditional.  I doubt weddings ever cost a person’s a year’s worth of work in the past. Special moment? A year spent stressing about a stressful day, that’s what’s special about it. I’m rambling. I’m off to wash my hair.

About the painting I’m working on… this border’s going slow… too many little gaps that I have to fill with a very fine brush. sketch

Day 23 – Image 3 with some colour

I realize I forgot to post my progress yesterday.  My uncle died, but that’s not the reason for my absence. I watched a movie, Drive, after I ‘finished’ painting and simply went straight to bed afterwards.  Yes, my uncle died yesterday morning. He wasn’t really a blood relation, but the brother of the man my mother married after she divorced my father. He was terminally ill, so his death was not wholly unexpected, though I confess, I thought he still had years in him.  Last time I saw him, he looked good and he was optimistic about the future. He talked about becoming a cook.

He studied dentistry, but he never seemed completely happy with that. He wanted to be a fashion designer at some point and he asked me to draw him naked people that he could dress, but this didn’t work out.  I wasn’t that good at drawing naked models back then or maybe he realized he would actually have to be the one doing the entire drawing.  He wanted to be a make-up artist and had bought the latest of everything.  He had more brushes, blushes, powders, creams than any woman I knew.  I let him use my face once to practise on.  It’s a really nice feeling to have someone tickle your face. I remember I was wearing an orange and white stripped t-shirt, so he used a lot of orange in my make-up.  I would have used blues.  My mother made me wash it off. I think I must have been 14 at the time. He wanted to be a photographer, so he bought the latest camera and equipment.  He took a photo of me with my friend’s cat. My face was buried in the cat’s fur, so only part of my face was visible. I thought it was a great photo of me. My friend was in Poland at the time and I was looking after her house, so my uncle stayed with me then for a bit till he found a place in Vancouver.  He had just moved to Vancouver from Montreal.  He had to sell that camera to pay the rent.  Expensive tastes and lack of money forced him to actually practise dentistry and he moved to rich Alberta where I believe he had a great life and traveled the world.  I didn’t see him again till he got sick and his brother brought him Vancouver and I visited him in the hospital.  I was sad back in December when I found out he was terminally ill, but now that it’s over, I’m okay.

I know it doesn’t look like I did much and it sounds really bad when I say “two days worth of work”, but really, it’s just “two hours worth of work” over two days.


Day 17 – still going

I know I won’t finish all the paintings in 13 days I have left on this “challenge”, but I’m glad to have worked on this for 17 straight days so far… I’m glad I started it.  That was the hardest part. I’ve been planning on doing this for a year and I’m glad I sat down and finally got moving, even though it’s going slow. sketch

Day 16 – Painting Image 2

I think I’ve read about 1500 books to my son so far, each at least 10 times.  We go to the library every week and we borrow around 20 books, often the maximum of 25 allowed.  We have done this since he was born.  I was reading to him today Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia and he surprised me by “reading” the action on every page.  He can read! I thought to myself excited, so I took a piece of paper and wrote “Tip” on it and asked “Hugo, what’s this?”. He pointed to the “p” and said “ball”.  It turns out he just memorized the book.  He’s 16 months, but I’ve lost track of how many words he knows and says and he surprises me every day with something I didn’t even know he knew.  Right now, he can listen to Peter Rabbit from beginning to end. Two months ago I would look for books with a sentence or two per page, but now, I can get the ones with a paragraph or two per page.

Here’s my progress for today.  It’s late. I need sleep. I only get to do this at night for an hour or two.