Two commissions!

It’s the middle of the year and I’ve sold two paintings this year. At this rate, I’ll have sold 4 by December. If I move to Africa, I’ll be able to live off my art.

Frozen 2 9" x 12" Watercolor and Ink on poster

Frozen 2
9″ x 12″ Watercolor and Ink on poster

Frozen 9" x 12" Watercolor on poster board

9″ x 12″ Watercolor and Ink on poster board

I also made a painting for fun. No pressure.

Quinn 9" x 12" Watercolor

Quinn 9″ x 12″ Watercolor

More Portraits

I think I’m really getting the hang of this portrait painting thing. Here are Luca and Rosie brother and sister and friends of my son’s. I plan for these to be my last ones for a while. I have something else that I’d like to work on next.

Rosie - 9" x 12" Watercolour Portrait by Franci

Rosie – 9″ x 12″ Watercolour

Luca - 9" x 12" Watercolour Portrait by Franci

Luca – 9″ x 12″ Watercolour


I put on puppet shows at daycare centres and preschools. I mostly make my own puppets, but I do have some store bought ones. Here are some of the latest I’ve made. My puppets are sturdy. They have to be because they’re quite abused after each show when I let the kids have a turn. The last time I made them, I made duplicates and I put a few of them for sale on Etsy:

Felt Puppets: rabbit, penguin, bear, giraffe, walrus, bird, by Franci

Felt Puppets: rabbit, penguin, bear, giraffe, walrus, bird

Here’s a video of a puppet show rehearsal:

Stuff my 3 year old says

A painting of Hugo, the artist's son, by Franci. 9" x 12" Watercolor

Hugo (my son, my soul, my everything). 9″ x 12″ Watercolor

Hugo *runs up to some girls playing at the park*: okay, now catch me!
Girls: but we don’t even know you.
Hugo *thinks for a bit*: I know me. I’m Hugo!


Hugo: why is there no parking in fire lanes?
Mom: well, if there’s a fire and if there’s a car there, then the fire truck won’t be able to get to the fire.
Hugo: no, the car will catch on fire and then it will be a ghost car.


Hugo: mama, I want to change my penis for your penis.
Mom: I don’t have a penis. I’m not male. I’m female.
Hugo: that’s okay. I’ll give you mine anyway and you’ll be ‘maled’.


Hugo: how old are you, mama?
Mom: 35
Hugo: 35! That’s too many!
Mom: yep, I have 35 years behind me. How old are you?
Hugo: 16. I have 17 years behind me.


Mom: what pants are you going to wear?
Hugo: butt naked pants.


Hugo: no, I don’t want a bath ‘cause you might put me to bed.
Hugo: it’s not Los Angeles, it’s Lost Angeles.


Hugo: this is a book about you mama.
Mom: no, this is a book about a girl who makes bad decisions.
Hugo: you are a girl who makes bad decisions.


Hugo with two sticks: I’m violining, I’m a violiner, I made an X.


Mom: cups are for drinking, not for washing hands.
Hugo: no, cups are for throwing out.
Mom: and what are we going to do when we want to drink some water?
Hugo: we’ll be wondering where our cups are.


Hugo at bed time: I’m hungry, I need a tomato.
I don’t need to pee. I peed yesterday. Twice.
I’m so sick, I need some water.
Turn on the light. The wall is black. I think it should be white.


Mom: go put on some pants.
Hugo comes back with his legs through the straps of a bra.
Hugo: I’ve put on my ‘foxies’!


Jacob: you have to listen to me because I’m your daddy.
Hugo: you have to listen to me because I’m your Hugo.


Mom: are you going to say “yes” to anything today?
Hugo: peek into my mouth, there are no “yes”-es left. They flew into the other room.
Mom: so if I take you to the other room, you’ll say “yes”?
Hugo (thinking): I want to say “yes”, but I can’t.


Mom: Hugo, are you paying attention? Focus, please.
Hugo: it’s not focus, it’s hocus pocus.


Hugo: I’m going to eat you all. I ate you all!
Girls at the park: No, you didn’t. We’re still here.
Hugo: Daddy! I ate all those girls.
Jacob: No, you didn’t. I can still see them.
Hugo: I just pooped them out.


Hugo: look mama, a cute little tiger.
Mom: aw, he’s cute.
Hugo: pet him.
Mom: he’s so soft (I’m petting the air).
Hugo: look mama, a cute little shark.
Mom: aw, so cute.
Hugo: look at his boobies.


Hugo: we have to get the vinegar rabbit.
Mom: what?
Hugo: the velveteen rabbit.
Mom: you want to read The Velveteen Rabbit?
Hugo: no, we have to get the car.
Mom: oh, the Volkswagen rabbit.


Hugo: I’m changing my name.
Mom: okay, what should I call you?
Hugo: Spot.
Mom: Spot, come here boy.
Spot: I’m coming.
Mom: Good boy!


Hugo: Oh boy mama! This book has words!


Hugo: dad, you’re a square.
Jacob: and I’m not offended at all.
Hugo: and I’m triangle.
Jacob: what kind of triangle are you?
Hugo: a rectangle triangle.
Jacob: a right angle?
Hugo: no, a rectangle triangle. and mama’s a circle. she’s round.
Jacob: yes, she’s got a circumference and a diameter, a girth.


Hugo: Where is it? Give it back! Give it back!
Mom: What did you lose?
Hugo: My scrape! On my knee!
Mom: It’s on your other knee.
Hugo: Oh.


Hugo: can I watch Dickie Toys?
Mom: no.
Hugo: mama, you got the words wrong. you got ‘yes’ wrong.


Hugo: Giuliano has a penis, me have a penis. Zoey has a china.


Mom: are you going to finish your banana?
Hugo: no, mama. I’m not going to eat it. I’m not a monkey. I don’t eat bananas.
Mom: what are you?
Hugo: I’m a tiger, mama.


Hugo: Take off my shirt.
Mom: No. What? What are you going to wear?
Hugo: My boobies!


Mom: what do you want for breakfast?
Hugo: tomatoes.
Mom: okay, omelet and tomatoes it is.
Hugo eats the tomatoes and runs to the mirror.
Hugo: my hair’s not red! What’s going on Arie? What’s going on? Oh, I forgot the ketchup.


Hugo: In 3 I turn March and when I was grown up at 0 in January I stuck my fingers in Hudson’s birthday cake


Two LEGO pieces stuck together.
Hugo: Mama, take off the green one.
I pull them apart and give him the pieces back one by one, red one first and then the green one.
Hugo: No, mama.
He puts them back together.
Hugo: Take off the green one.
I pull them apart again and give him the green one first and then the red one.
He’s happy.


Jacob: What’s on the moon Hugo?
Hugo: The sun.
Jacob: What else?
Hugo: Africans.


Hugo (talking to himself): 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and hurt his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said: do you want to watch Mighty Machines? The monkey said: no, it’s time to play outside.


Hugo: a map ball.
Mom: it’s a globe.

Hugo: a globe.
Mom: you remembered!
Hugo: it’s a planet ball.


Jacob: Look Hugo, a garbage truck.
Hugo: It’s a cement truck.
Jacob: I can play this game too buddy. It’s a plane.
Hugo: It’s a boat.
Jacob: It’s a train
Hugo: It’s a garbage truck.
Jacob: You’re right.



Hugo wraps a blanket around himself and says: “Look mama, I’m a man. Just like mama”

Hugo: mama, sing a lullaby.
Mom: Hush little baby…
Hugo: no, mama, that’s a left one. Sing a right one.


Jacob: Hugo, you’re such a joy!
Hugo: I’m not a joy. I’m a boy.



Hugo: You want milk.
Me: No, Hugo, you have to say “I want milk”.
Hugo sticks a finger in his eye.
Hugo: Eye closed.


Not quite there yet

I have this image in my head of what the portrait I’m about to paint should look like, but it never seems to transfer to the paper. I am getting closer though. It’s also true, that sometimes when I step back from my work, I surprise myself. I have made two more portraits recently, one I’m quite happy with; the one of Zoey. Actually I made three, but on the third one, I wanted to do a good job so badly, that I ruined the paper.

Watercolor portrait of Zoey by Franci

9″ x 12″ Watercolor

Watercolor portrait of Mihaela by Franci

9″ x 12″ Watercolor

Two more portraits

I bought new watercolors, not the top of the line, but perhaps the 3rd or 4th best. I like them. They’re certainly brighter than what I had before. I made two portraits so far and I like what I painted, but I do have things I would change in both of them if they weren’t in watercolor and basically hard to modify.

Watercolor portrait of a Dutch Girl by Franci

Dutch Girl
9″ x 12″ Watercolor

Watercolor portrait of Lauren by Franci

9″ x 12″ Watercolor

It sucks to be sick

I think on Thursday and Friday my son got to watch about 7 hours of John Deere earth moving machines, Max and Ruby and The Wiggles while I just lied there all sick. But I felt better yesterday and got productive. I made a bonnet and got teased by family members that I was going to wear it. (I do love the regency bonnet era as they all know) It’s a baby bonnet. I also made another pair of baby shoes to match it (since everyone loved the shoes I took to the baby shower last week) and I painted some stranger who offered me some points on deviant art for his portrait. I’m quite cheap! Here are the photos:

Watercolour Portrait of Kyle by Franci

12″ x 9″ Watercolour

Handmade flannel baby bonnet and shoes by Franci

Handmade flannel baby bonnet and shoes

You can buy the bonnet and shoes on Etsy here.

Or you can get your portrait made for $30 dollars plus shipping.


Just because my boy is crazy about construction vehicles, here’s a backhoe I painted tonight.

Backhoe by Franci

12″ x 9″ Watercolour and Ink

You can buy this painting right here.